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Aige Chinese School offers Chinese speaking (Mandarin, Cantonese), Chinese literacy, one-to-one English courses, Chinese training courses for companies and schools.

We work very hard to remove unnecessary expenses to achieve the best price/performance ratio and regularly check the price of competitors. We are very confident that we offer the best-priced Chinese courses on the UK market.

Test Training

Chinese Proficiency Test UK Committee holds 4 types of Chinese test, including: HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), HSKK (Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi), YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and BCT (Business Chinese Test) .

HSK is an official examination designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers from beginners to advanced Level (divided in levels 1-6). It is an internationally recognised standard in assessing your Chinese language level. It is accepted by universities in China as proof of Chinese proficiency (like IELTS in the UK). The HSK tests include writing, listening and reading skills.

HSKK is the oral exam and focuses on oral capability. The HSKK is divided into three different levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

YCT assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other. The writing test is divided into four levels: YCT (level one), YCT (level two), YCT (level three), and YCT (level four). The speaking test is divided into the YCT (Beginner Level) and YCT (Intermediate Level).

BCT focuses on assessing non-native Chinese speakers' abilities to use the Chinese language in real business or common working environments. BCT consists of three independent tests: BCT (A), BCT (B) and the BCT Speaking Test.

If you want to study a good universiy in China, minium HSK level 4 is required.
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level one) 30 hours of learing
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level two) 60 hours of learing
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level three) 120 hours of learing
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level four) 180 hours of learing
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level five) 240 hours of learing
Vocabulary(words) 0+ HSK (Level six) N/A

Sample of some popular Chinese universities entry requirement:

HSK Level 4: Fudan University, Renmin University of China, Nankai University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University.

HSK Level 5: Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

HSK Level 6: Beijing University.

HSK, HSKK, YCT Levels and Vocabulary(words) required.
HSK HSKK YCT Vocabulary
Level 6 Advanced   5000+
Level 5   2500
Level 4 Intermediate   1200
Level 3 Level 4 600
Level 2 Elementary Level 3 300
Level 1 level 2 150
  Level 1 80


Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi

₤18 / lesson(45 mins)
  • Distance Learning or On-Site Learning
  • Chinese Teacher


Business Chinese Test

₤18 / lesson(45 mins)
  • Distance Learning or On-Site Learning
  • Chinese Teacher


Youth Chinese Test

₤18 / lesson(45 mins)
  • Distance Learning or On-Site Learning
  • Chinese Teacher


Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi

₤18 / lesson(45 mins)
  • Distance Learning or On-Site Learning
  • Chinese Teacher

AIGE Chinese School

About Us

AIGE Chinese School is located in Edinburgh (Chinese: ài dīng bǎo ) and Glasgow (Chinese: gé lā sī gē ). Therefore the school was named AIGE.

AIGE Chinese School is an educational branch of the Students United UK (SUUK®), which provides Chinese-based services to help clients achieve their goals and personalise their educational experience.

Our long-term experience in education means we have expertise across multiple fields. Our education team is friendly, fast, knowledgeable, has a deep understanding of different cultures and is always ready to help.

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